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"Fear Street Part Three: 1666" is the third movie of the Fear Street Trilogy. The film follows the origins of Shadyside's curse in the mid-17th century and the survivors in 1994 who try to put an end to it. Fear Street Part Three: 1666 premiered at the Los Angeles State Historic Park on July 14, 2021, and was released by Netflix on July 16, 2021..

It's the final movie of the trilogy. there is part 4



After reuniting the severed hand of Sarah Fier with the rest of her corpse, Deena has a vision showing the events of 1666 from the perspective of Sarah Fier herself. She lives with her father George and brother Henry in Union, the original settlement before it was divided into Sunnyvale and Shadyside. The community also includes Pastor Cyrus Miller, his daughter Hannah, Abigail and her sister Constance, Mad Thomas, Caleb, Sarah's friends Lizzie and Isaac, Solomon Goode, and Solomon's brother Elijah.

One night, Sarah, Lizzie, and Hannah meet a reclusive widow to gather 4 potent berries for a party, where Sarah stumbles on a book of black magic. After fleeing, the group arrives at the party where Sarah and Hannah are harassed by Caleb as they reject his advances. The two run off and get intimate, unknowingly seen by Mad Thomas. The next day, Pastor Miller begins to act strange, as the town's food and water supply is destroyed. Sarah confides in Solomon and wonders if she is responsible for the town's bad luck. The two discover Pastor Miller has murdered several children in the chapel, including Henry and Constance. Sarah is nearly murdered by Pastor Miller before he is killed by Solomon. That night, a town meeting is held at which the townspeople decide that witchcraft is the cause of the events, and Caleb claims that Sarah and Hannah are the witches responsible. The two attempt to flee, but Hannah is captured while Sarah escapes, as the town declares that Hannah will be executed at dawn.

Sarah sneaks into the chapel where Hannah is confined and the two profess their love. Sarah decides to retrieve the widow's book and use it to make a deal with the devil and save Hannah, but she finds the book gone and the widow murdered. She flees to Solomon's house for help and hides in the back room after he is ambushed by men hunting Sarah. While hiding, she finds tunnels under his house, discovering a ritual as well as the widow's book. Solomon reveals he took the book to make a deal with the devil, offering Pastor Miller to be possessed to kill others in exchange for power and wealth. He offers to share it with her, but Sarah rejects his offer and flees into the tunnels. He catches her and the two fight, with her hand cut off in the ensuing struggle. She escapes to the chapel, but is found by the townspeople and arrested. At Sarah and Hannah's execution, Sarah confesses to being a witch to spare Hannah's life and swears vengeance to Solomon before she is hanged. Later, Lizzie, Issac, Hannah, and Abigail grieve Sarah and properly bury her body.


As Deena's vision ends, she realizes that the Goode family is responsible for the Shadyside curse, as the firstborn of each generation repeat the ritual begun by their ancestor Solomon. She and Josh are found by Sheriff Nick Goode, but the two manage to escape in Nick's car and arrive at Ziggy's house, where Ziggy is still watching a possessed Sam. The trio deduce they must kill Nick in order to stop the Shadyside curse. After they recruit the help of Martin, a mall janitor, the group concocts a plan to lure Nick to the mall and set traps to have Shadyside murderers kill him.

The group manages to temporarily trap the killers and Ziggy lures Nick to the center of the mall, where she pours a bucket of Deena's blood over him. However, Nick manages to escape into the tunnels. Deena and a possessed Sam follow him while the others fight off the killers. Sam attacks Deena, but she is able to break Sam out of her possession temporarily before incapacitating her. Nick pins Deena down and nearly kills her, but Deena is able to expose Nick to a pile of beating organs, which gives him a vision of all his killers' victims. Deena kills him, causing the killers to disappear and the curse to be broken. Later, the Goode family is exposed for their actions, Martin finds a career selling technology, Ziggy reunites with Mrs. Lane, and Deena and Sam have a picnic date at Sarah Fier's grave.

In a mid-credits scene, someone's hands are seen taking the widow's satanic book.